Night Tours at the Wildlife Park

Have you ever wondered what happens in the Wildlife Park after dark?

Find out on a special nighttime guided tour. Discover which animals are active and which are asleep. A Nature Interpreter will guide your way with flashlights as you get a nocturnal view of our 50+ species of animals. Your guide will share some fun facts about our animals, their habitat, diet, and the importance of biodiversity.

Tours last approximately 1.5 hours. Our wildlife trail is approximately 2km long and wheelchair accessible with graveled paths and gentle slopes.

We recommend this activity for ages 5 and up.

Public Night Tours are a special event that are advertised under our Events tab and on our Facebook page. Check out when the next one is, if no tours are advertised then they are likely all booked and more will be scheduled soon. Tickets must be booked in advance and tours sell out quickly.

To book a Private Tour for your group/business/organization please email with your group size and a few possible dates (please give at least two weeks advance notice) to see if we can accommodate your request. Cost for Private Night Tours is $6 per person or a minimum payment of $100 for less than 17 participants. Our maximum booking size is 25-30 participants per tour, if your group is larger than that they will need to be split into two tours.

For more information about this special and popular activity please email

Night Tour pic